Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a very low key Halloween and I hardly took any pictures. =(  We did very few Halloween decorations during October, but on the 31st, I went to the store and found a few things on sale, so I surprised the kids when they came home with the house all decorated.  That night, I cooked beef stew in a pumpkin and Alaina and Olivia came over for dinner.  We ate dinner and I had a couple of games for the kids to play. It was a pretty fun night.  No trick-or-treating, but they still enjoyed it.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Random October Pictures

Lost her 2 front teeth.

Chad took these pictures on his way to work. 

Myra started Square dancing with a group from church.

 Copenhagen street performers.  Myra was called up to help.  I need to figure out how to post the video. 
 Another street performer.  He tied himself up in a straight jacket and put a large chain around himself and gave himself 3 minutes to get out.  He barely made it.  It was actually kind of uncomfortable watching him.  He was so bad....

A night out.

 We had a huge windstorm that knocked down tons of trees by us.  The wind was actually hurricane force speeds and was really crazy.  There were several deaths from it, power outages, and so many trees down.  Everywhere you went for the next couple of days, there were just huge trees knocked down.  These aren't great pictures, but these trees had actually been broken in half!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Alaina's Baby Shower

I threw my friend Alaina a baby shower at the end of October.  We had a really fun time.  I enjoyed coming up with the decorations, (which really isn't my thing), but I think it turned out really fun.  She went on to have her baby nearly 2 weeks after her due date on November 21st.  Owen is such a little cutie.  Congratulations Alaina!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


During the October School Break, we decided to head to the Frilandsmuseet again, because they were having a special activity with old Carnival rides and food and entertainment.  We met up with our friend Alaina and her daughter Olivia.  Alaina was such a good sport, being 8 months pregnant!  And despite the rainy weather, we had a really fun time. 

Noah was both too wimpy to ride on the big swings with his sisters AND too wimpy to ride on any of the carousel animals.  Instead, he opted for the safe carousel chair.
 This was a replica of an old carnival swing from the 1800's.  The kids sit in this boat type thing and the workers swing them.  I think this guy was having a really fun talking to Myra and Lexi, because he let them stay on the ride for nearly 30 minutes!!!!  Money well spent.  I was about ready to tell them to get off. 

The roof of this house was made out of seaweed! 

Best friends.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


We got a Cat!!!  I know, a totally crazy thing to do!  So, let me tell the story.  We left our dog, Nena, behind in the US when we moved here.  It has been really hard to not have her here.  We have really missed having a pet.  We have talked about ways of trying to bring Nena here, but honestly, I have never felt good about trying to bring her over.  Ever since we knew we would be moving to Denmark, I have always felt very uneasy about flying Nena over here.  So, we decided that just wasn't the best option.  And we never even considered getting a pet while we were here.  Well, in August, I received an email from Chad one day while he was at work.  It was a picture of 3 cute kittens.  One of his co-workers cat's had kittens and to my surprise, Chad was considering us getting one.  Over the next several days, we talked about it and finally decided to drive out to her house to take a look at the kittens.  Of course, they were super cute and the kids were so excited to play with them.  But we really didn't know if it was a good decision to get one.  After debating back and forth, once again, to my surprise, it was Chad who made the decision that we should get one of the kittens.  Denmark is so dark and gloomy in the winter and the rational is that the cat would help cheer us up.  =)  So, we decided to not tell the kids and several weeks later, Chad picked up the kitten while the kids were at school and we surprised them when they came home.  They were in disbelief.  It was so fun to see how excited they were.  After several days, we finally settled on the name Dexter for our cute black and white kitten.  And he quickly stole our hearts.  He is a very sweet kitten, likes to cuddle and purr and rub against us.  Follows us around, is great with the kids and has certainly lit up the house.  We don't know what will happen when we move back to the US.  I imagine, we'll try to take him with us, but we aren't sure.  But, for the next year+, we'll enjoy our little ball of fur.

 Lexi thought he needed a blanket and some music from her music box.

 He hid under the couch a lot on the first day.  After that, he discovered that he liked us. =)

 He loves to crawl into bags and under blankets.

He really likes hair.