Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

We didn't do anything this month.  Chad hit the books hard to start finishing off his thesis.  The kids went to school.  I worked on the computer.  That was about it.  I think we took a total of 20 pictures for the entire month.  Not even any of the cat.  So, here is November in a Nutshell.

 I don't know what Noah is doing, but that is his sister's dress he's half wearing.  Love the look on his face.

 Noah wrote his name out with chips on his quesadilla.  He probably didn't end up eating any of it.

 Playing with Lego's while we were babysitting Olivia and Owen.  Fun friend time!

 Yes, this is a real, live reindeer.  To celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, the Albertslund centrum held a fun tree-lighting event with Santa Claus and reindeer.

How cool is this picture?!?