Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Starting Over

Where to start?  Leaving Denmark was so hard and this past year hasn't been a lot easier.  Not that it's been bad, but it's just been difficult.  We never thought we would end up in Utah again.  We always pictured Chad getting a job right after Denmark and then moving on.  However, we ended back right where we started, with Chad working for Don at USU and eventually even back into our old condo!  It all felt like such a step backwards. 
I don't know why I stopped blogging.  Partly because I haven't organized my pictures well since being back.  Partly because we were back and closer to those people that looked at our blog.  Maybe because we weren't traipsing around castles and museums every other weekend.  Maybe out of laziness.  Well, today I got back on blogger and had a huge scare!  All of my pictures were GONE!!!!!  I spent several minutes trying to figure things out, what had happened, doing searches about it.  Everything I came across just said, too bad!  I was ready to burst into tears.  But finally, after logging in and out and clicking on posts, they all reappeared.  I don't know what happened, but thank goodness, they are all back!  I guess just spending some time on the blog today has inspired me to get it going again. 
I'd like to try and go back and post some things that happened over the past year.  All of our reunions, new family members, family reunions, trip to Canada and more.  But, I think I'll mostly focus on moving forward. 
So, to start off, a little catch up.  We are at the middle of May.  The kids have 10 days of school left before summer break, Chad has been in North Carolina working for the past almost 2 weeks, Myra just turned 11 yesterday and we are finally moving forward again.  We've sold our condo in Logan, Chad got a great job working for AgBiome in Raleigh North Carolina, and we'll be moving there in just 2 weeks!  We are sad to leave behind friends and family again, but it will not be as long of a separation as when we lived in Denmark.  And we are excited for some new adventures.  We can't wait!