Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ferie til Lolland

For Chad's birthday, we decided to take a little overnight trip to the southern islands of Denmark.  We ended up on Lolland, where we stayed at a little camping cabin.  Because it was still off season, it was really cheap and there was hardly anyone there.  It was great.  We drove down there and set about exploring the place.  We took a little walk along the beach, looking for sea glass and then went to eat a really yummy restaurant.  That night, we played around on all the fun playground equipment they had.  Especially this huge jumping bubble.  Not sure how else to describe it.  We visited the little "petting zoo", raced around on the little pedal bikes they had and zoomed along on the zip line.  It was a blast.  That evening, Chad opened his birthday presents and then it was bed time.

 While we were playing around, these 2 little twin boys came over and started hanging out with us.  We were trying to play "crack the egg" with Chad when one of them just sat down in his lap. 

Myra and Noah were getting ready to race.  Myra didn't know I had sat down on her bike and she was pretty frustrated when Noah quickly outrode her.  Haha!

The cute little cabins we stayed in.

The next morning, we played around a little more at the campground and cleaned up the cabin before taking off to Knuthenborg Safari Park.  This was seriously one of the funnest things we've done.  The park is a drive-through park, with Giraffes, Zebras, Rhino's, Water Buffalo, all kinds of African "deer" species, Monkeys, Wolves, Tigers, and much more.  We started out at the Monkey enclosure.  We hopped on the little Monkey train and started going around the enclosure.  As soon as we entered the area, these baboons started jumping on the sides of the car and eating the food we were giving to them through these little holes in the side.  It was crazy.  All we had was a thick piece of plastic between us and them and many of them had little babies clinging to them.  It was so fun. 

 Love the look on Myra's face!
 There were so many monkeys, many of them quite young.  It was really fun to watch them.

 No Spaghetti.  O...K....
 LOVE this picture! 

 We spent a majority of the day, just driving through the park, taking a ton of pictures.  I think we especially enjoyed the Tiger enclosure.  They were so beautiful and so fun to see up close.  We had a nice lunch and played around a bit before driving around some more.  Some of the highlights from the park where just parking the car and walking across an open field to stand fairly close to a herd of camels.  The burro's sticking their heads through our car window was so fun.  Playing with the goats and seeing all the babies.  Chatting with a Parrot. And playing around on one of the coolest playgrounds we've ever seen.  It was sad when we had to leave because the park was closing.  I wish we lived closer or we would have gotten a season pass.  Great place to visit with the family!

 This camel looked so goofy and he just stood there and stared at us for such a long time. 

 Aaawww, Babies!

 I love these pictures of the Tigers. They look so awesome!

 Ok, so it's not ok to ride the camel then?  Haha!  The funny thing is, they probably had problems with this in the past, which is why they had to put up the sign.

 Can you see the baby sticking his head out of the pouch?  So cute!

 These burros were very curious! 
 The kids loved pulling themselves across this little pond. 

 There were so many goats!  And a ton of babies.  Lexi found this little baby and spent a lot of time, sitting by it, petting it.  When we left the goat enclosure, we realized she was covered in goat poop.  Luckily we had a change of clothes for her.  She was a little traumatized though.
 This playground was seriously so cool.  There was a huge wood fortress with slides and bridges and all kind of things to climb around and on.  And then they had a wooden obstacle course that went on for a long time, into the forest.  We started from the beginning and made our way all along it.  It was pretty tricky, but the kids loved it.  The playground also had a ton of other stuff not pictured.  A little island that you could climb these rickety bridges over water to get to.  A large sand box, and a huge jumping pad.  They also had a large splash park, which we avoided.  Denmark has a lot of really great playgrounds, but this was definitely one of the best!  We could have spent all day playing around on it.

 I was pretty impressed that Myra made it up this wall  She got pretty nervous once she was up there and we had a bit of a hard time getting her back down.  But, she made it.

Fun Times!