Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015

January was a rough month for us.  I came down with Pneumonia and was sick the last week of December and through to the end of January.  It was a miserable month for me, much of which was spent in bed or on the couch, doing nothing!  Very frustrating since Chad had so much to do to finish his thesis, but he had to take care of me and the kids.  Also frustrating to spend the last few weeks of our time in Denmark sick.  Anyway, I didn't do anything during the month, but the kids were busy with school and getting the most out of life.  We got enough snow for a day that the kids could go and play in it.  The girls got to go to the Childrens Fest at their school, which they both danced at in front of everyone.  They had a fun month.  Chad also finished up writing his thesis and turned it in.  I know he was very happy to be done with that. 

 Love this Cat!  We are sure gonna miss him.

 Playing in the Snow

 Found Lexi sleeping like this one night.  Such a funny girl.
 The girls all dolled up and ready to go to the BørneFest.  Aren't they beautiful?
Don't know what Myra's doing, but thought it was a funny picture.  She has such a crazy personality!