Saturday, May 31, 2014

Random May Pictures

 The get-along pants.
 We like to make our own individual pizza breads.  For some reason, the kids have started decorating theirs with faces and not many toppings.  Yum....?
 We had a fun picnic with our friends the Jensen's.  This is the only picture, taken by Myra.
Every once in a while, I hear a lot of giggling coming from the kids room and then they come out with drawing all over their faces.  It washes right off, so why not?

 And of course, the cat.  Can forget to add a picture of him.
 The girls had a end of year fest at their school.  They got to show off some of their projects and they sang a couple of songs.  I need to figure out how to load the videos.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sweden for a Day

With the long weekend, we decided to take a day trip across the (expensive) bridge to Sweden.  We got an early start and headed over to visit a place called Ales Stenar or Ale's Stones.
 Castle and church on our way to Ale's Stenar.

 Dating 1400 plus years ago, the Vikings set up a ring of stones in the shape of a boat.  It's overlooking the sea on a high cliff and was just very striking. 

 The site was located on a high hill over looking the sea.  There was a nice path up to it, but on the way down, we decided to be a bit more adventurous and took this livestock trail down the cliff-side.  It was very steep, the picture doesn't really do it justice.  We were really glad we went back this way though, there were no people and it was just really beautiful.

 Kid's have always got to look for sea glass and fossils.

 After leaving the sea side, we headed to Glimmingehus, the best preserved medieval strongholds in Scandinavia.  The over 500 year old building was built to withstand any siege, complete with tiny windows, "murder holes", false doors, dead-end corridors, moat, drawbridge and other forms of defense.  It was a fun walk-through.  Not a huge tourist attraction, so we could spend a lot of time really wandering through the place.  They tout the location as been haunted, so the kids were a little leery at first, but when we started taking our own "ghost pictures", they really loved it.

 I really need to get a set of these to have around the house.

 Ghost picture.

 After leaving the castle, we made our way up the coast to Stenshuvud National Park.  The name means Sten's Head, referring to the legend of a Giant living in the area.  Although nothing like the Utah and Colorado mountains we grew up with, it was so nice to actually go "hiking" with an incline through the woods.  It was such a beautiful area.

 Lexi walking along the walls of the remains of a 5th century fortress.

I'm not sure how well this picture shows it, but there were these moss-covered stones all over the place and they looked just like the trolls from the movie Frozen.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bike ride through Jægersborg Deer Park

The deer park is one of our favorite places to go.  It's so beautiful and we just love seeing all the deer and the pretty little castle in the middle of the park.  I just love it!  We decided to take all of our bikes on the train with us to enjoy more of the park.  The kids were really not on top of this idea.  Noah kept having problems keeping his bike going straight and ran off the path several times.  Lexi was "tired" 5 minutes in and had several good sobs throughout the ride.  And Myra was just grumpy because she didn't think it was fun to just ride by and look at things.  But, Chad and I are slave-drivers and we pushed the kids onward.  Haha!  They eventually all ended up having a fun time, but weren't too keen on repeating the trip any time soon.  I guess it was just an off day for them, because they usually enjoy outings like this.  Oh well, I had a good time!

 Dad trying to figure out why Noah kept riding off the trail.
 Big party at the castle.

 This is how the kids felt about the whole excursion.

 Myra found a little friend.
 We found this fun tree with a hole in it and of course, all the kids wanted their picture taken inside of it.