Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A few last adventures

With our time running short, we were still able to fit in a few last adventures.

Fastelavn 2015 - This was our 4th Fastelavn in Denmark!  Wow!  Myra was a mad scientist, Noah a knight and Lexi a Butterfly Fairy.  It was fun to participate in one last Danish Holiday.

We should have been cleaning and packing, but Chad took me to one last European Castle before we left.  This is Vallø Slot.  The castle dates back to the 14th century.  In the 1700's it was set aside for unmarried Noble women and it still has the same purpose today! 

For Father's Day, the previous year, I got Chad a gift certificate to go Indoor SkyDiving.  We just never got around to doing it until the week before leaving Denmark.  The kids had a fun time imitating it and I think Chad enjoyed the actual experience.

 It was pretty cool to watch! 

One last dinner with the Jensen's.  Wish I would have taken more pictures!  These 2 are sure going to miss each other.

And one last trip into Copenhagen.
 Vor Frue Kirke - One of our favorite places, the Church of our Lady.  We spent a long time in here, just enjoying this beautiful place.
We didn't take many pictures of the city, but we took our time enjoying our last visit to the city.  One of my favorite things was to just go walk around the city, it was crowded, loud, dirty, smelly, but I loved it!  I always felt so alive.  And getting to walk past all the old buildings, it was just such a fun thing to do.  I will miss it so much.

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